Pie Oneers

Meet the Pie-oneers

Hired in 2022, Chriag Gupta, director of engineering, joined Pie because he was excited about Pie’s mission to help small businesses. The open and free work environment has been a high point for him as well as the opportunity to be part of the Denver Tech Summit. Chirag has enjoyed learning about the insurance industry and how it changes from state to state. For the next five years, he is excited to see how Pie tackles new challenges and grows—and he’s excited to be part of that growth! His favorite pie? Pecan!

Chirag Gupta

Director of Engineering

Jess joined in 2018 and was excited about the challenge of helping to build a new startup. After meeting co-founders Dax Craig and John Swigart, she knew Pie was the right fit for her. Jess’ favorite part of working at Pie is the Pie-oneers. She gets to connect across many departments and loves meeting new people. Her favorite memory with Pie is the 2019 Denver Startup Week. “It was Pie's first year joining the event. We were a sponsor and we participated in or hosted events every day that week. Our Pie-oneers jumped in feet first and volunteered to help staff several events. We even got to throw some pies in the executive's faces!” Pie has shown Jess she’s capable of so much more than she imagined. “Startup life is energizing and fun but it’s also hard work. I’ve done huge things like giant office moves, office renovations (while we worked in the space), creating a team of Executive Assistants, and more. Pie stretched my skills and gave me so many new ones!” After all the growth to date, and transitioning to a hybrid workplace, she is excited to see how Pie continues to evolve over the next five years. Jess’s favorite pies are lemon meringue for summer and pecan for winter.

Jess Rossman

Manager, Executive and Operational Support