Hazard Groups

Hazard Groups

Discover your client’s hazard group and what it means.

What is a hazard group?

Hazard groups are a way to bundle class codes into relatively similar levels of risk. These groups categorize job hazards for employees and help insurance companies provide coverage that makes sense for their customers. There are seven hazard groups labeled A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, with A being the group with the least likelihood of high severity claims, and G being the group with the highest likelihood of high severity claims. If your client has a business that operates in multiple states, they may fall into two different hazard groups in those two states.

To use this directory, search by keyword (i.e. bakery, construction, landscaping, etc.) or class code (i.e. 0042, 2121, 6325), then scroll to the state where your client’s small business is located to get more information on your client’s hazard group.

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