Appetite checker

Check our appetite before you submit to increase your chances of a successful bind.

Rejection sucks

Pie’s appetite checker allows you to instantly view our appetite by class code to help make the submission process easier and faster. 

We’ve improved our appetite checker to make getting a quote as easy as pie. Now, when you enter a class code, you'll get one of three immediate statuses.



How does the appetite checker work?

The appetite checker provides you with Pie’s appetite for specific class codes in real-time. By entering in your client’s class code or business, you can instantly see whether it’s in appetite as well as submission details like minimum payroll and specific eligibility questions.

The appetite checker said my submission was in your appetite—why was it declined?

The appetite checker provides an overview of Pie’s appetite but it doesn’t factor in specific submission details and risks which can be the cause of a declination.

Each risk will be evaluated individually so these statuses are subject to change based on your submission.

The appetite checker said “no”. Does this mean you don’t write this class code?

Yes, these businesses are currently out of appetite so we will not be able to provide a quote for them.


Hack your submissions with our appetite checker.