This third-party integration makes growing your agency easy.

What is Semsee?

Semsee is the independent insurance agent’s go-to platform for quoting small commercial business. Get multi-line bindable quotes from multiple carriers easily online.


Why Semsee?

Get quotes from your directly-appointed carriers or Semsee’s, in one simplified flow.  Semsee specializes in finding you the best match for your risk.

Need access to more carriers? Use our Market Access agency to find the right coverage for your customer.


Already working with Semsee?

Our partner agencies can get started quoting with Pie in minutes.

  • In Semsee, go to "Carrier Info" on the Settings page and search for Pie Insurance
  • Click on the icon next to Pie under the "action" column
  • Enter your Partner Portal username and password

New to Semsee?

Book a personalized demo today to learn how Semsee can help you - we'll have you up and running in minutes, and make sure you're off to a successful start with customized onboarding with our agency success team. 

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Ready to partner with Pie Insurance?

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