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Underwriting Guidelines
Workers Comp

Underwriting Guidelines

Everything you need to get up to speed and submit your clients for coverage.

New Ventures

Pie will accept new ventures upon underwriter approval, if not included in the hazard group limitations. In some cases, Pie will accept new ventures as bindable online. New venture applicants must be newly in business or have had too few employees to require coverage. Any applicant with prior workers’ compensation coverage but without current coverage will be treated as a policy lapse requiring underwriting approval. Same-day binds may be accepted on new ventures; however, backdating requires underwriter approval.

Max Premium

Our maximum premium is $125,000 in Modified Premium which is calculated as the premium after the application of the merit rating or experience modification factor.

Employer’s Liability – Increases Limits

States have limits that cannot be exceeded. Pie will not offer limits above $1 million / $1 million / $1 million without underwriter approval.

Experience Modification Factor (Emod)

Our maximum allowable Experience Modification Factor (Emod) is 1.99, and our minimum allowable online bind Emod is 0.40. With underwriter approval, Pie may bind applicants with an Emod below 0.40.


Pie may offer a deductible based on an applicant’s ability to pay. No deductible can exceed the annual premium.

Lapses in Coverage

Pie may offer coverage to applicants with a lapse in coverage on a case-by-case basis, with underwriting approval and a signed statement of no losses during the lapsed period. Same-day coverage may be offered on lapses; however, backdating requires underwriter approval. For preferred class codes, a no loss letter is required for opportunities with lapses in coverage, if the business is not a preferred class code, loss runs are required.

Effective Dates and Backdating

Backdating is allowed with underwriting approval.

Coverage for Sole Proprietors

Pie may offer coverage to sole proprietors with no employees. In these instances, we may use the applicant’s Social Security Number instead of a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and assign the state-mandated payroll.

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

All policies that cover employees will be required to provide a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) prior to policy issuance.


Specific and Blanket waivers are available. All waivers carry an additional fee; generally, specific waivers are 5% subject to a $250 minimum, and blanket waivers are 2% subject to a $500 minimum. Waivers are not available in all states.

Additional Insured

Additional insured endorsements are not allowed.

Prohibited Operations and Coverages

Prohibited Coverages

  • Foreign coverage including endemic disease and repatriation coverages
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act
  • Defense Base Act
  • Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act
  • Maritime, Admiralty (Jones Act)
  • United States Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Act
  • Federal Coal Mine and Safety Act
  • Federal Employees Liability Act
  • Voluntary Workers Compensation

Prohibited Applicants 

  • Accounts with undocumented gaps in coverage
  • Applicants requesting coverage on any basis other than guaranteed cost. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to: retrospective rating plans, retention plans of all kinds, portfolio transfers, captive or rental captive programs, large deductible programs, aggregate stop loss coverage, and IBNR coverage.
  • Applicants involved with the transportation, manufacture, storage, retail, or use of any type of explosive (including fireworks, firearms, and firearms-on-premise) or hazardous materials
  • Oil, gas, mining or on-site support work for those applicants, on or offshore
  • Chemical manufacturing (toxic)
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)
  • Employee leasing, staffing, or temporary worker firms
  • Check cashing stores
  • Pawn shops
  • Applicants that own, operate, sell or lease aircraft
  • Applicants that own, operate, sell or lease watercraft that operate on navigable waterways or are in any way subject to USL&H coverage
  • Applicants involving height exposure greater than 30 feet/two stories
  • Applicants involving digging to depths of greater than 15 feet
  • Public entities
  • Applicants with any work or exposures involving: asbestos, blasting / explosives, bridge work, chemicals / petroleum products, demolition, dock / sea walls, gas / sewer and/or water main, high voltage, highway / street / road work, lead or mold abatement, structural steel erection, tree trimming or removal, tunneling, underground tank or pipe replacement, United States Longshoreman and Harbor Workers (USL&H), welding, wrecking.
  • Nuclear energy or research
  • Marijuana/cannabis/THC
  • Total payroll greater than $15MM
  • Total employee count greater than 500
  • Predominantly structural rough framing; structural carpentry
  • More than 50% subcontract payroll
  • More than 30% cash/casual/day labor
  • Exterior installation/take down of holiday decorations
  • Medical Transportation
  • Freight Forwarding, freight brokering
  • Paper contractors