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Facebook Groups To Grow Business
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Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business | For Agents | Pie Insurance

There are few free tools available on Facebook that provide as great an ROI as Facebook Groups. Insurance agency owners can gather essential data on their target audience while building a referral network. See how using Facebook Groups could benefit your company.
Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business | For Agents | Pie Insurance

Increasing your customer base through Facebook Groups

As an insurance agency owner, your clients dictate how successful your company will be. If you can establish a solid book of business that generates referrals, you’ll find that it becomes easy to create new business. However, it can be challenging to consistently hit your monthly and quarterly goals without using word-of-mouth marketing. 

One very effective way to build a referral-generating network is to utilize social media platforms. Facebook is still the most popular social media network for consumers as the platform reaches a staggering 59% of social media users. It also offers insurance agents the opportunity to take advantage of Facebook Groups.

Joining and being an active member of these groups can be a great way to target your niche market. Let’s see how you can utilize Facebook Groups to generate more leads and build out your book of business.

What is a Facebook Group?

The simplest way to think of Facebook Groups is to imagine them as large online groups consisting of individuals that share a common interest. While there are thousands of different groups and interests that a person can choose from, picking a Facebook Group that relates to your insurance agency can provide great returns for your company.

These groups are a great place to share posts and thoughts on different topics with others who have a similar interest. For example, if your insurance agency focuses on working with CPAs and accounting firms, joining a CPA Facebook Group can be a great way to build your network.

Other groups you could consider joining as an insurance agency owner include:

  • Insurance specific groups
  • Small business owner/entrepreneur groups
  • Local community groups
  • Industry-specific groups
  • Volunteer groups in your local community

How can Facebook Groups help me grow my insurance agency?

Facebook Groups are a very effective way to grow your insurance agency. They not only provide you opportunities to talk directly to your target market, but they also give you insights into the pain points of your ideal clients. 

By consistently interacting with other members of the group, you’ll quickly establish yourself as a thought leader and a valuable resource when it comes to insurance. While you may see sales come directly from group members, you’ll most likely start to receive referrals from the network. 

Here are a couple of benefits that come from joining a Facebook Group:

  • Gain valuable marketing insight and data on a target audience
  • Build organic traffic to your website and other content
  • Establish referral partnerships with other members of the group
  • Offer insight, advice, and information about insurance topics as a thought leader

Selecting the right Facebook Group

Facebook Groups can be great marketing tools when used correctly. However, choosing the wrong group can prove to be a waste of time and energy. That’s why you’ll want to consider who you’re trying to reach and what you want out of the group.

If you’re looking to build a referral network out of the group, you’ll want to make sure you join groups with other small business owners. Likewise, if your goal for the group is to understand your clients’ needs better, you’ll want a group with more consumers.

Other Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook has always been the king of social media platforms, but its presence as a platform for small businesses has recently grown. In fact, according to Hootsuite, “two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business Facebook Page at least once a week.” That means there is an enormous number of opportunities for your insurance agency to thrive on Facebook. 

Along with Facebook Groups, you should consider trying one of the following Facebook marketing strategies:

  • Facebook paid advertisements
  • Creating regular content on your Facebook Business page
  • Comment on questions posted by members of your groups
  • Frequently offer solutions to problems that you see posted on the platform

Of course, not all strategies will work for every business, which is why it’s essential to plan out your strategy ahead of time. As you experiment with different Facebook Groups and marketing strategies, you’ll quickly determine what works best for your insurance agency.

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