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How To Grow Your Insurance Business
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How to Find Clients and Grow Your Insurance Business | Pie Insurance

Need ideas for cultivating new customers for your insurance agency? Here are 7 ways you can reach potential clients and turn them into loyal customers.
How to Find Clients and Grow Your Insurance Business | Pie Insurance

Need ideas for cultivating new customers for your insurance agency? Here are 7 ways you can reach potential clients and turn them into loyal customers.

  1. Use social media. Social media can be one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your insurance business. Social media platforms that are useful for insurance agencies include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Facebook typically appeals to an older audience, while Instagram can help you reach younger adults. Through YouTube, you can share informative videos you produce yourself or online video content you curate from others to share with your existing and potential clients. Use LinkedIn for B2B networking and to build a professional presence with an online resume, work history, list of accolades and awards, and more. Social media gives you options to share on your business page at no cost or to invest in paid advertising. Either way, using these platforms can be a helpful way to cultivate clients and expand your insurance business.
  2. Revamp your website. To increase visibility online, consider investing in an overhaul on your website. You can hire a search engine optimization (SEO) expert to take the existing content on your website and make sure it’s getting noticed by search engines (like Google and Bing) and in turn, by potential clients. It’s critical that you show up in the local search results for your area. Put a call-to-action (CTA) button on the homepage of your website that makes it easy for future customers to quickly get information and get in contact with you.
  3. Reexamine your branding. This may also be a good time to reexamine your branding. Do you have a professional image, logo, and design that hold together across all of your marketing materials? Make sure there are no outdated or blurry images, typos, etc. on your website or print materials. Enlist the help of a colleague, friend, or trusted client to evaluate your image. How can you polish your presentation?
  4. Create an email newsletter. Existing clients may appreciate an engaging, informative newsletter—and potential clients may find it helpful as well. Put a link to sign up on your website. Also, mention it to clients in conversation. But be sure to send out emails that have valuable, educational content with catchy headlines that clients will open. It may take outsourcing this task—but there are many small businesses or freelance writers who write e-newsletters on behalf of businesses if you don’t have someone in-house to compose them. Remember to follow all communication laws and always ask permission before adding someone to an email list.
  5. Connect with your community. Think about how your services may be able to help those who are geographically near you. You may even have the opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted insurance provider within your community—at charity events, local schools, community groups, or local sporting events. Build a reputation as a knowledgeable expert in your field who can get quality insurance products at great rates.
  6. Fortify your professional network. Forge relationships with CPAs, attorneys, mortgage and real estate brokers, financial planners, and other professionals in related fields. This way, you can refer each other business. Attend trade association events, join professional organizations, and become a member of your local chamber of commerce. As an insurance agent, networking is likely in your nature. Call upon your interpersonal skills and strengths to build your reputation and connections.
  7. Rely on good old-fashioned marketing techniques. Traditional marketing methods like cold-calling, word-of-mouth client referrals, mailers, brochures, and flyers are still effective. If you have a lull in business, perhaps spend the day picking up the phone and working to find new clients or reaching out to your existing clients to check-in and to mention you are looking for referrals.

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