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3 Meaningful Ways to Show Employee Appreciation | Small Business Resources

As a small business owner, your most valuable asset is your employees. Show how much you appreciate their hard work with these three tips.
3 Meaningful Ways to Show Employee Appreciation | Small Business Resources

Showing employee appreciation in the workplace

In the past, it was common for an employee to spend their whole career with the same employer. However, this trend has been steadily changing, more and more workers are leaving organizations after a couple of years to pursue better opportunities.

For most small businesses, losing two or three employees can significantly impact the company as a whole, especially if the organization has ten or fewer employees. One way to increase employee tenure within your small business is to ensure they know how much they’re appreciated.

It may sound simple enough; however, many who leave their job often do so because they don’t feel valued in their current position.

Here are a few ways you can show employee appreciation in your company.

Go the extra mile for your employees’ birthdays

For many, birthdays are an opportunity to celebrate. While a simple “Happy Birthday” and a card signed by everyone in the office is a nice gesture, going beyond that can be a great way to show employee appreciation.

How far you go to celebrate an employee’s birthday is up to you. Some organizations will often have lunch delivered for the office on birthdays, while others post birthdays on their social media accounts.

Here are a few other ideas on how you might celebrate the next birthday in the office:

  • Decorate their desk or office space with balloons, banners, and happy birthday notes
  • Allow employees to take their birthday off from work if they wish
  • Bring in cakes or other sweet treats for their big day

Encourage and promote continuing education

While not every employee wants to go back to school, most are looking to improve their skills. Providing opportunities for continuing education and encouraging team members to take time off from work for classes, seminars, and workshops can be a great way to show employee appreciation.

Some organizations take it a step further and set up learning opportunities throughout the workday for employees. These workshops are a great way for workers to improve on skills that will help them in their current roles and prepare them for future positions within the company.

Provide a flexible work schedule

Now more than ever, employees are placing a focus on work-life balance. One way of supporting this balance is to allow employees to work from home.

While that doesn’t mean you need to allow your team members to work from home every day, throwing in an occasional day to work from home can do wonders for team morale and show your appreciation for their hard work.

Many companies have begun experimenting with hybrid schedules and have seen great success. Often a cadence of two to three days in the office and the remaining days at home provides an excellent balance for employees.

If your organization is planning on making the shift to a hybrid schedule or providing the option of working from home, you will want to make sure you have the proper support system in place. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to do work while at home.

Here are a few items to help with the transition:

  • Establish a way for your team to communicate throughout the day — messaging platforms like SlackMicrosoft Teams, and Google Chat are all great options
  • Provide contact information on whom your employees should reach out to if they run into issues while working remotely
  • Ensure you have someone who can help with technical issues as they come up

Employee appreciation is a dynamic part of supporting a team of people. As you get to know your team better, show appreciation in ways they find meaningful. Take every opportunity to let them know you see them and value their time and effort. Your workplace culture will benefit as your employees thrive.

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