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Expanded Appetite Reduced Pricing
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Exciting news: Pie Insurance expands appetite and reduces pricing - Pie Insurance

Pie Insurance is lowering prices and expanding appetite for various industry classes like restaurants, contractors, manufacturers, insurance agencies, law firms, and many more.
Exciting news: Pie Insurance expands appetite and reduces pricing - Pie Insurance

We at Pie Insurance believe that innovation and adaptation are crucial to meeting your unique needs. Today, we’re excited to announce appetite and pricing updates that will bring you a more competitive experience and opportunities to grow your business.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We’ll continue to enhance every aspect of our business in order to drive value for you and your small business clients.

Expanding our appetite

After a thorough analysis of the top class codes you want to submit to Pie, we’ve made a strategic decision to expand our appetite. This means that we’re ready and eager to receive more of your submissions, including your restaurant, contractor, manufacturing, and trucking clients, among others.

Lowering prices for a competitive experience

We are not just expanding—we’re also making things more affordable for your clients. You can look forward to an average savings of more than 8 percent on certain new submissions.

From auto-declined to auto-quoted

With our expanded appetite, some submissions that were previously auto-declined could now either be auto-quoted or referred to our underwriting team for consideration. This opens up more possibilities for both existing and new clients.

New verticals: Insurance agencies and law firms

We’ve broadened our horizons further by extending our appetite to two new verticals: insurance agencies and law firms. This expansion allows us to offer our services to an even wider range of businesses.

More business, more savings

Our potential savings and an even broader appetite mean that you can submit more business to Pie and save your clients money at the same time. This is more than just an update. It’s a reflection of our unwavering dedication to using technology and data expertise to deliver the most value possible to our partners and their small business clients.

Ready to win together

To take advantage of our expanded appetite and lower pricing, simply login to the partner portal and submit new quotes. Let’s work hand-in-hand to take your agency to new levels of success.