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Small Business Outlook Report
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Pie's 2024 Small Business Outlook Report is here

Get a deeper understanding of the obstacles facing small business owners.
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We founded Pie Insurance in 2017 with the mission to enable small businesses to thrive by making commercial insurance affordable and as easy as Pie. We saw firsthand the inequitable experience that small businesses had when shopping for commercial insurance and we set out to do it better. We created an insurance solution built for small businesses—one that’s simple, fair, and affordable. We meet small business owners where they are, whether that be directly, through a trusted insurance agent, or through their payroll provider.

Small businesses are vital to not only the entire U.S. economy but also to our local communities, friends, and families. We created this report with the purpose of better understanding the very unique concerns and challenges facing small businesses heading into 2024, and how we as insurers and the partner agents who serve them, can help them make next year the best one yet.

Further, many of Pie’s small businesses are skilled trades workers - your local plumber, landscaper, roofer and construction worker. They are faced with the reality of an aging workforce and a talent shortage to replace those reaching retirement. This survey places a magnifying lens on their world and helps us better understand how we can support them in years to come.

We hope you enjoy reading through our findings. Don’t forget to support your local small businesses this holiday season and cheers to 2024 being your best year yet!

-John Swigart and Dax Craig