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Workers’ Compensation Resources | Pie Insurance

Need a comprehensive list of workers’ comp information for your small business? Check out this list of top workers’ compensation resources.
Workers’ Compensation Resources | Pie Insurance

Understanding workers’ compensation insurance can be challenging, so it’s important to have the right knowledge and resources in your toolkit. Here are seven helpful workers’ compensation links for small business owners. These can serve as handy references for you to bookmark on your browser and revisit.

Top workers’ comp resources

State Workers’ Compensation Office Map

Use this U.S. Department of Labor resource to find your state’s workers’ comp agency contact information.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Visit OSHA to learn about requirements for workplace safetyemployers’ responsibilities, workers’ rights, safety training, and more.

National Safety Council

Check out what the NSC has to offer regarding work safety, training, surveys, and research.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Visit the BOL to see national stats on workers’ comp and workplace injuries and to read articles about employer costs for workers’ compensation and similar topics.

National Council on Compensation Insurance

Check out NCCI’s webinars to learn about workers’ comp classification codes, experience rating, modification factors, and other fundamental workers’ comp concepts.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Visit NAIC to research topics like various states’ approaches to workers’ compensation law.

Workers’ Comp 101

Browse through our selection of helpful articles on workers’ compensation at Pie Insurance. To begin, learn how workers’ comp workshow workers’ comp benefits employers, and how much workers’ comp costs.

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