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I Love Pie Bakeshop

Diana's love of pie grew into a bakeshop that brings joy to many.

Their story

Here at Pie Insurance, we thought our love for pie’s flaky crusts and sweet fillings was unparalleled. We were wrong.

In honor of National Pie Day, we’d like to introduce you to Diana Shockley, founder of I Love Pie Bakeshop in Carmichael, CA. Diana’s love of pie is expressly stated in her business name, but also in every detail of her business. From the recipes to the ingredients to the presentation, I Love Pie Bakeshop is an ode to Diana’s love of making delicious treats that bring joy to others.

Although she went to culinary school and always wanted to open a bakery, Diana found herself working as a project manager. She shared her love of pie by baking pies for her co-workers and hosting pie parties at her house. Eventually, she decided to open a pie stand with her 10-year-old daughter. They did extensive research and planning before beginning to sell pies at farmer’s markets every weekend. It required missing family events and staying consistent, but Diana was committed to her dream of owning a bakery. After one year of the farmer’s market hustle, Diana quit her full-time job. After two years, she joined up with co-owner Chef Tierney Scalia. Together they started I Love Pie Bakeshop in 2019. Through all the changes they’ve encountered, their commitment to using seasonal ingredients in small batches has been unwavering.

Life as a small business

Like many small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 and tested I Love Pie Bakeshop’s ability to evolve in the face of difficulty. True to their values, they prioritized employees and customers. To reduce the potential for exposure of their employees to COVID-19 in their daily lives, the I Love Pie Bakeshop began ordering biweekly grocery boxes delivered for each employee so they didn’t have to visit the store. Diana took a pay cut and they were able to avoid dramatic cuts in hours.

After three years in their first location, they moved to a larger space and are quickly approaching their 5th year in business. In addition to creating delicious pies for customers, they also run the Pie Academy. These fun classes allow anyone to perfect their pie-baking skills.

Experience with insurance

Workers’ comp insurance isn’t always the first thing on a small business owner’s mind, but it is a vital part of running a successful business. Before coming to Pie Insurance, I Love Pie Bakeshop was misclassified as a cracker manufacturer by an insurance carrier and paid more in premiums than they should have. Their experience with Pie Insurance has been smooth and allowed them peace of mind knowing they are classified correctly and their employees are protected.

We are honored to be a small part of supporting I Love Pie Bakeshop’s success. Happy National Pie Day!


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