Partner FAQ

Do you have a resource that outlines Pie's key benefits I could share with my clients?

We’ve created an overview of Pie Insurance for you to download and share with your clients, or you can link them directly to our Why Pie for Clients page.

How does Pie handle claims?

We partner with CorVel Corporation for best-in-class claims management with their national network of experienced medical providers. CorVel offers immediate intervention with added value services such as:

  •  24/7 nurse triage
  •  Telehealth and My Care App for claims process simplicity
  •  Early return-to-work and aggressive provider negotiation

You can access all state notices in the Document Library. Download a “How to respond to a workplace injury” poster for your clients. You can also provide them the links to our workers' comp and comm auto claims pages.

What should my client do when a workplace incident occurs?

When a workplace incident occurs, Pie customers should take these steps:

  1. If the incident involves a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911.
  2. If not, call the 24/7 Nurse Line at 844-581-0828 with your employee. The nurse will help the employee get appropriate care, and help you report the incident.

Note: it’s important that your client, the policyholder, and the injured worker, if possible, report the incident. This allows the triage nurse to properly evaluate the appropriate level of care and possibly offer self treatment options.

How does Pie pay commissions?

Your success is our success. That’s why we pay commissions on new and renewing policies, regardless of premium size or operations. Commissions are paid by direct deposit on written premium versus earned premium; you will need to register an account with to receive payment. Check out this helpful resource from if you have questions.

When should I expect my commission payout?

Statements are issued around the 17th of each month with direct bill payments processed by the last week of the month.

When and where can I find my statements?

Statements are sent via email to the finance/accounting point of contact that we have in our system on a monthly basis.

Why did I see a commission claw-back?

Pie provided commissions on a written basis so any change in premium via a cancellation, endorsement or audit may result in a commission true up.

I have a negative commission balance on my statement. Do I need to remit a payment back to Pie Insurance?

No, we will carry forward the negative commission balance and apply it towards future positive commissions.

What are Pie’s Broker of Record (BOR) guidelines?

At this time Pie Insurance only handles Broker of Record (BOR) requests at renewal.

We can accept them 90 days before the effective and up to the effective date of the policy, with a 5-day rescinding period. We cannot accept BORs on or after the renewal effective date.

The BOR letter:

  • Must be signed and dated by an owner/officer of the named insured
  • Must identify the effective date of the BOR (renewal effective date) and yourself as the agent of record
  • Written on the insured’s letterhead

For your convenience, you can use our BOR letter template.

BOR correspondence can be sent to: for processing.

How does Pie handle renewals?
  • 30 days before renewal:
  • <$20K a renewal preview will be sent to the insured with a cc: to the designated renewal contact(s) at your agency. Unless otherwise notified, 5 days before the renewal effective date we will draft the deposit and complete the issuance of the renewal policy.
  • >$20K a renewal preview will be sent to the producer. Unless otherwise notified, 5 days before the renewal effective date we will draft the deposit and complete the issuance of the renewal policy.
  • Renewal Billing: Full renewal deposit amount will be taken 5 days prior to the renewal date unless advised otherwise.
  • Renewals correspondence can be sent to:
What final audit types are offered by Pie?

Audits are currently being done virtually, telephonically, or, in rare cases, physically. Additional information may be found within the premium audit resource section of our website.

We will automatically endorse the renewal only after the audit is complete/paid and plan on endorsing when a premium increase of $500 or a payroll change of 20% or more is generated.

Audit correspondence including any audit dispute information can be sent to:

My client is in a state where they may be eligible for a dividend, how does Pie handle that?

Rules and Regulations

• Dividends only applies to premium and losses developed in Wisconsin and Florida.

• Only final audited discounted premiums of $1,000 or more are eligible.

• No recapture provisions.

• Total incurred loss ratio on audited discounted premium must be below 80% as of evaluation date.

• No Loss Development Factor (LDF) and no Incurred But Not Reported factor (IBNR).

• The policy must remain in effect for the entire 12-month policy period without a lapse in coverage.

• Policyholders with more than two cancellation notices during the policy period are not eligible.

• All audit disputes must be resolved and the balance paid in full prior to the dividend calculation.

• Dividends are calculated 6 months after policy expiration and paid within 90 days of calculation.

* Dividends are not guaranteed and are subject to approval by Sirius America Insurance Company’s Board of Directors. If that Board of Directors does not declare a dividend, no dividend distribution will be made to eligible policyholders. If the Board of Directors declares a dividend that is less than the amount needed to fund all of the potential maximum dividends for all eligible policies, your dividend will be reduced on a pro-rata basis. A payment will not be made on dividends that are calculated for $25 or less. Audited Discounted Premium means the premium determined at audit by the application of standard rates to the payroll exposure, plus any applicable premium charges, such as increased Employers Liability–Coverage B, approved Credit programs, Experience Modification and Premium Discount. Premium not in dividend calculation includes Expense Constant and Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA). Incurred Loss Ratio means the total of all claim payments and open reserves for medical, indemnity and allocated loss adjustment expense (ALAE) applicable to the policy term divided by the audited discounted premium.

How do I request loss runs for my client?

Loss runs can be requested by emailing lossrunrequest[at]

How do I request an endorsement?

Endorsement requests are handled by our customer success team and should be sent to agencyservice[at]

We’ve created templates to help you easily gather the information needed to process your requests:

How do I request a specific waiver?

Specific waivers can be requested by sending the following information to agencyservice[at]

  • Certificate holder (company name and address)
  • The class code this is being considered for
  • Estimated payroll for the job
  • Brief description of work
I want to spread the word that we've partnered with Pie! What are the rules for using Pie's logo?

We’re excited to have you as a partner and want you to have the resources you need to help spread the word that your agency offers coverage from Pie Insurance. Check out our style guide for all the requirements associated with using our logo.

What billing options does Pie offer? Do you have Pay-as-you-go billing?

Pie Insurance offers a variety of billing options, including:

  • Annual: 100% deposit, due up front
  • Semi-annual: 50% deposit, due every 180 days
  • Quarterly: 25% deposit, due every 90 days
  • Monthly: 16.6% deposit, due monthly for 10 months

Our Pay-as-you-go option is through RPM. Learn more about RPM and how to gain access to Pay-as-you-go through the partner portal.