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Restaurants And Bars
Restaurants and Bars

We’ve improved our recipe for even more savings and coverage

Running a restaurant or bar requires immense attention to detail. Restaurant owners have to make sure the food and drinks hit the spot every time, keep their team motivated and running smoothly, and always aim to wow their customers with top-notch service. Now, imagine if we could take one thing off their overflowing plate? That’s where our top-tier workers’ comp coverage comes in. It’s designed to bring your clients peace of mind.

Our favorite recipes

Restaurants: 9058, 9079, 9082, 9083

  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Neighborhood spots
  • Chains/fast food/franchises
  • 24/7 operations with at least two customer-facing employees on shift at a time
  • Delivery by employees
  • Food trucks (in one location)

Bars: 9079, 9084

  • Neighborhood bars or pubs
  • Sports bars
  • Bars with kitchen operations
  • Live entertainment provided by outside artists who have workers’ comp coverage

Not our cup of tea

  • Security/bouncers
  • Live entertainment provided by employees
  • Live entertainment provided by outside artists who do not have workers’ comp coverage
  • Bicycle delivery
  • Mobile food trucks operating in multiple locations per day
  • Over 50% alcohol sales (only applicable to restaurants)
  • Gentlemens’ clubs/strip clubs
  • After-hours clubs
  • Dance clubs/night clubs
  • Concert venues