This third-party integration makes growing your agency easy.

What is Tarmika?

Tarmika is a client-focused integration that supports independent agents. We partnered with this innovative company so you can easily get multiple quotes and provide your clients with the coverage they need quickly.


Why Tarmika?

This secure platform streamlines quoting so you can get multiple quotes with their single-entry solution. Their technology allows you to gain new business, use your time efficiently, and give your clients an excellent experience.


Already working with Tarmika?

Our partner agencies can gain access to Pie in just a few steps.


Becoming a Tarmika agent

Tarmika offers two solutions for their customers:

  • The Bridge allows agents to get quotes from multiple insurance providers and give their clients coverage options quickly.
  • The Tunnel gives clients direct access to Tarmika’s platform so they can get insurance quotes online without the agent’s help.

You can learn more about these solutions and how they can support your work here.


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