Appetite Checker
For Agents
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It’s Not You. It’s Our Appetite.

Pie’s Appetite Checker is a unique tool designed to optimize the submission process for agents.
Pie Appetite Checker

Insurance agents face the constant challenge of providing their clients with the right coverage, a task that can be time-consuming and fraught with the risk of rejection. Pie Insurance has a solution to streamline this process: our integrated Appetite Checker.

Pie’s Appetite Checker is a unique tool designed to optimize the submission process for agents. It works by allowing agents to quickly determine whether a particular business is within Pie's underwriting appetite. This is achieved by entering a class code or business, which returns one of three immediate statuses:

  • Preferred: These businesses are our sweet spot! In many cases, these businesses will be eligible to be instantly quoted and bound through our portal.
  • Considered: Pie will write these businesses as long as they meet expectations laid out in our UW guidelines.
  • Declined: These businesses are out of our appetite, we aren’t a market for this type of risk.

This clear categorization helps agents instantly understand whether Pie Insurance is likely to underwrite a certain risk, thereby reducing the time spent on potential rejections.

Benefits for Insurance Agents

  1. Increased Efficiency: The Appetite Checker minimizes time spent on researching and submitting quotes that are likely to be declined. This tool provides instant results, which allows agents to focus on submitting more quotes and improve their workflow.
  2. Enhanced Success Rates: By pre-checking our appetite, agents can increase their chances of a bindable quote This not only boosts the efficiency of the submission process but also enhances the overall success rate of securing coverage for their clients.
  3. Reduced Uncertainty and Rejections: The tool reduces the guesswork and uncertainty involved in the submission process. Knowing in advance whether a business is in appetite helps agents manage expectations and plan their strategies more effectively.
  4. Easy Access: The Appetite Checker is accessible through Pie’s partner portal, making it easy to use before submitting a quote. This accessibility ensures that agents can leverage the tool as part of their regular business workflow without any additional hassle.

Pie Insurance's Appetite Checker is a game-changer for insurance agents. It not only streamlines the submission process but also enhances the accuracy and success of providing clients with the right insurance coverage. By reducing time spent on declined submissions and  focusing on those within our appetite, agents can optimize their workflow and provide better service to their clients.