2023 Upper Crust Award Winners
2023 Upper Crust Awards

2023 Upper Crust Award Winners

Meet the incredible small businesses and insurance agents we're celebrating.

2023 Small Business Winners

Mother Compost

Based in Upper Darby, PA, Mother Compost has been awarded the 2023 Upper Crust Small Business award for their exceptional commitment to sustainability and community involvement. Since they were founded in 2018, Mother Compost has not only rescued over 2 million pounds of food waste from local landfills but the women-owned and women-led team has also achieved significant milestones like partnering with local institutions, receiving civic awards, and expanding their operations, all while working hard to challenge their community to re-think their current trash paradigms. The $15,000 prize money will be dedicated to furthering Mother Compost’s impactful work, including increasing employee hours and sponsoring community organizations that promote sustainability, environmental stewardship and education efforts.

"We are incredibly grateful to be named the recipient of this year's Upper Crust award from Pie Insurance,” said Gwenn Nolan, founder and CEO of Mother Compost. “These funds will be used to further expand our food scrap recycling efforts. We appreciate Pie for their unwavering support of small businesses and their employees every day. By recognizing the efforts of small businesses with this generous award, Pie has made an immense impact on our mission."

2023 Agent of the Year Winners

Chris Graff

Chris Graff from Maven Risk Management & Insurance Brokers was selected as a 2023 Agent of the Year winner for his exceptional dedication and support, going above and beyond to secure refunds and provide guidance, making him an invaluable asset to all of his clients.