Instant Bind
Instant Bind

Bind policies immediately in the partner portal

When requesting to bind online, eligible submissions can be instantly bound without having to wait for an underwriter. After the submission is bound you’ll receive policy details like policy number, policy information, and payment plans.


How will I know if my submission is able to be instantly bound?

When requesting to bind in the partner portal, if your submission is eligible for an instant bind, you’ll see a banner above the request to bind button.

What are the next steps after a submission is instantly bound?

The policyholder will have coverage as of their effective date but not an issued policy. You’ll need to work with the policyholder to upload any additional documents and make a payment for the policy to be issued.

Are all states eligible for instant bind?

No. Arizona and Pennsylvania are not eligible for instant bind.

What submissions will be eligible for instant bind?

In most cases, your submissions will be eligible for an instant bind. Some examples of submissions that will not be eligible for an instant bind include:

  • submissions for businesses in Arizona and Pennsylvania
  • submissions with effective dates in the past
  • multi-state submissions
What is the process after my submission is bound?

Underwriting will fast track the request and notify the agent of any critical missing information or documents needed to issue the policy. If nothing is missing, underwriting will send the payment link and the policy will be issued once payment is received. If underwriting determines the submission information was changed or not presented correctly they’ll work with you to determine next steps.