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Breakaway Health Corporation
2022 Upper Crust Awards
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BreakAway Health Corporation

This family-owned and run recovery center is committed to supporting people the ways they find most healing. Learn more about why BreakAway Health was chosen as one of Pie’s 2022 Upper Crust Awards Runner-Up.

When you think of a family business, you may not think of an addiction treatment and recovery center. However, that is the legacy the Plaskett family is building. Twenty-four years ago, Richard Plaskett inherited BreakAway Health Corporation from a former employer who passed away. The Breakaway name has been around for thirty-three years and, during that time, he dedicated himself to building a treatment center that was inclusive and welcoming to all. In April 2021, Richard unexpectedly passed away leaving BreakAway Health Corporation to his three children. 

In spite of their grief, Hannah Plaskett, her mother, and her siblings undertook the task of running the treatment center Richard built. Together, they’ve carried on the legacy of BreakAway Health Corporation as a place where everyone feels like family. Eighty percent of the current staff members are individuals with their own sobriety stories, and many of these are graduates of BreakAway.

BreakAway Health Corporation prioritizes an inclusive environment where individuals can find healing in the ways that make sense for them. They are licensed through White Bison in the Wellbriety Movement method of treatment. This method is specifically developed to support the sobriety of Indigenous Peoples through culturally and spiritually healing practices. 

Additionally, BreakAway offers yoga, reiki, meditation, music therapy, art therapy and other more traditional types of treatment as well. They seek to meet each person exactly where they are and provide treatment in a way that best aligns with their values and needs. BreakAway also hosts panels so people in recovery can share what they’ve learned with those in treatment.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was challenging to maintain a sense of community when people were not allowed to attend treatment in person. BreakAway offered groups and treatment opportunities via virtual learning, but many in treatment didn’t have access to the technology necessary to join these sessions. The staff at BreakAway provided video monitors at multiple sober living homes in order for their clients to complete treatment virtually and for them to have a resource to connect to family members. When they were cleared to once again begin meeting in person, they diligently conducted COVID testing to protect the health of all staff and attendees. 

Because of their resilience and commitment to providing supportive and culturally sensitive treatments, BreakAway is one of Pie’s 2022 Upper Crust Awards Runner-Ups. They are doing incredible work and proving how powerful family—and found family—can be. Pie is grateful to be a small part of supporting BreakAway as they continue to serve their community.


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