2024 Workplace Safety Survey

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workplace safety

Please note: the following content was developed for educational purposes only and covers a wide variety of general workplace safety concerns and considerations, some not relevant to workers’ compensation coverage.

Prepared = Protected

Workplace safety is vital for all business owners, and being prepared means you can be protected from a variety of workplace risks. We recently conducted a comprehensive workplace safety survey of 1,034 small business owners as defined by companies with 1-500 employees. This survey provided insights on safety concerns, uncommon workplace accidents, summer heat preparedness, and more. 


Here's what you need to know

It's getting hot in here

As the summer months approach and temperatures are already beginning to soar, small business owners are feeling the heat—quite literally.

Are small businesses really ready to tackle the challenges posed by extreme heat?

  • 65% of survey respondents said they have already adjusted or are planning to adjust safety measures to account for rising temperatures during the summer.
  • However, a concerning 35% have no such plans.
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Pie Insurance commissioned Yougov PLC to conduct the survey. All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 1034 US small business owners, as defined by companies with 1-500 employees. Fieldwork was undertaken between 19th - 27th February 2024.  The survey was carried out online.

Thanks for reading! This content is intended for educational purposes only and does not imply coverage under workers’ compensation or other insurance offered through Pie Insurance Services, Inc. Please consult an agent or attorney for any questions regarding applicability of insurance coverage in all circumstances.